About Us

Who We Are

The Community Health Alliance of Humboldt - Del Norte, Inc. (CHA) is a network of health care providers, consumers, employers, and community leaders serving as the North Coast's forum for community-based health planning and advocacy.

Our mission is to increase access to health care, improve the quality of care, strengthen the integration of the medical community, and engage consumers in better managing their health and their health care.

Community Health Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors, which sets policy and oversees the business and affairs of CHA. There can be up to 49 directors, both appointed and elected, from different organizations throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties. The appointed directors are chosen by the organizations that provide the majority of direct health care, and by public and non-profit organizations and businesses that are primary stakeholders in the health care delivery systems of Humboldt and Del Norte counties. The appointed directors have no term limits. The elected board members are chosen to represent consumer advocates and employers, and to reflect the geographic and cultural diversity of Humboldt and Del Norte counties. The elected directors serve three-year terms.

The Board of Directors elects an Executive Committee, consisting of four officers from the Board and other Board members. This Committee is given the full authority of the Board of Directors to manage the business and affairs of CHA.

Board of Directors - 2016

Susan Buckley, President
County of Humboldt, Public Health Branch

Tina Tvedt, Vice-President
Redwoods Rural Health Center

Victoria Onstine, Treasurer
Mad River Hospital Arcata Representative

Jerome Simone, Secretary
Retired Healthcare Administrator

Melissa Hooven
Vector Rehabilitation, Inc.

Rosemary Den Ouden
Humboldt-Del Norte Foundation for Medical Care
Independent Practice Association